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www.kamandi.com is a place for Tom to put up onto the internet any old junk and fluff that he chooses. A sort of interesting but slightly off kilter view of life, the universe and everything. If you have surfed in then you are either lost, been told to come here by someone who thinks you should, or you are one of the chosen few who are serious Jack "KING" Kirby fans who just wondered if anyone had a site dedicated to the single greatest comic book creation that GOD has bestowed upon us… Kamandi the Last Boy on Earth by DC Comics. (oh no he is a comic nut.) No, not really. But, it is a good comic. And yes there will eventually be a synopses, character data, timeline and all kinds of wonderful stuff about Kamandi the Last Boy on Earth that no one really gives a hoot about. But that I would like to do when I have the time. I will also do some stuff on OMAC, New Gods, and other Jack Kirby creations, especially the DC stuff, as the Marvel Boys have well and truly ( believers ) covered Jack's work for them.
So, we shall just see…….

PS. Don't you just hate nerds who upload their comic book collection to the net. Yo, I hate them too!
(except of course the ones who upload Jack Kirby artwork… those guys are cool, and while I am at it John Byrne's artwork is not bad. He is very Kirby like .Simonson too..) you comic nerd!

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Kamandi the last boy on earth by Jack Kirby for DC Comics full throttle science fiction action adventure
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kamandi, the last boy on earth, jack kirby, artwork, artist, king kirby, dc, DC Comics, Marvel comics, Kamandi The Last Boy On Earth, Jack Kirby free stuff, science fiction, action, adventure, thrills and spills, guns and girls!


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